Cathy & Trevor’s gong

Update – December 2, 2014

Cathy & Trevor’s Gong has been completed. Solid American Oak, reshaped into a more Japanese style frame. The original bell plate has been left untouched/unpolished for a little authenticity. The gong handle has been repaired and repolished as well. The Oak stand has been finished in a 2 pack clear (3 coats) so as to withstand the outdoors where it lives. “Lunch is ready” !! ((((( gongggg )))))

1128 RF

Update – November 17, 2014

Cathy’s mum’s tea service trolley has made it to the next stage. The trolley wheels had been replaced with cheap black plastic somewhere along the way so we’ve been working with a good mate, Jim from Good’s and Chattels to source some genuine replacements. More on that later.

Cathy tea trolley next stage2 RF

Update: November 14,2014

We have decided not to try and restore the old rotten timber rather, we’re rebuilding it in some lovely old English oak we had lying around. It will retain the old gong stick and character along with the original beaten metal gong plate but the frame will take on a new and slightly more ‘Japanese garden entrance’ look, inspired by this particular Japanese garden located in Tokyo as Tokyo is one of their favourite spots.

IMG_2432 rfa

Cathy also wanted her mum’s tea service trolley restored so that too is a work in progress.

Cathy s mums tea service RF

Project: Cathy & Trevor’s gong and service trolley
November 10, 2014

Cathy & Trevor came to us with an old Asian gong that Trevor purchased during his travels for work some 25 years ago. It has spent its life outside the front door of their large family home situated on 20 acres, used religiously for several years to call the kids in for dinner & lunch.

Cathy and trevors lunch gong RF

Now that the children have grown & moved on, they wanted to restore ‘Mum’s old gong’ for a keepsake.