Di & Leo’s outdoor dining suite

Update: November 9, 2015

Leo came to Renowned with a problem: The insurance company only allowed a certain amount for the repairs/replacement of their teak outdoor suite and buffet. Renowned worked with Leo outlining what we could do and what we could leave out of a restoration to get the result he was happy with and fit the budget. The rest is history!!

And here is the most awaited after picture of Di & Leo’s outdoor dining suite – all shiny and looking new once again!

IMG_3954 RL


October 5, 2015

Di & Leo needed their timber outdoor suite to be given a new fresh lease of life.
Leo 3




The last straw was a hail storm earlier this year where the pieces were all badly damaged.
Leo2 RFLeo1

Here’s the before & during pics. Wait til u see the afters!
Leo 4