Glenys’ desk

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

This is the story of a circa 1960’s office desk that had been discarded. Left on the side of the road for the local council annual rubbish pick up. In a very poor state of dis repair, the desk had broken drawers, chipped and missing veneer all over, deep water stains and marks all over the top and was structurally falling apart.

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A keen eye with a love for all things old (Glenys) stopped and collected the desk and all its pieces and contacted Renowned furniture for a quote. After some consultation, we agreed on a price and a method. The big challenge was saving the top as it was an extremely rare butterfly blackwood veneer which we knew would be irreplaceable so all the restoration tricks were ‘pulled out’ by our very qualified team to return this classic back to its former glory. It will live again, this time for ever holding pride of place in Glenys’s retro office.

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Glenys and Alan were delighted with their desk.  They ended up re-arranging their furniture to accommodate the desk in pride of place.  Now, Glenys has a peaceful work space, with an amazing view, and a gorgeous desk.

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