Jill’s display cabinet

From design concept to reality! Here’s Jill’s sketch to finished project.

Jill had some very particular guidelines for us when she asked for a solid mahogany and glass display cabinet. Size, finish, lighting etc… After some discussion and a few concept drawings Jill agreed on this sketch. The lights had to be wireless (no cables coming out the back) and remote operated so we installed a rechargeable battery/wireless remote LED system.

Renowned concept drawing

Fine polished mahogany timber from our premium aged collection of fine timbers and here’s the end result.

Jill mahogany cabinet

Jill is now having us restore several pieces throughout her house because since installing the new cabinet “All my other pieces now look like they need a freshen up”. She has also given the craftsmen great complements and cases of beer by way of expressing her complete satisfaction & gratitude. 🙂