grandfather clock

Old Grandfather Clock

We once took the job of completing an unfinished grandfather clock.
The original builder of the clock had become clinically blind by about half way through the project, and was almost totally blind by the time he decided to put down his tools, which was past 75% of completing the job.

On his death bed, his daughter, Sue, wanted the clock completed for his 92nd birthday… and in six days’ time! We pulled out all stops, had four guys on the job, ran into a myriad of issues but we made it just in time.

When the day came to show everyone the completed Grandfather clock, Sue burst into tears and spontaneously hugged all the craftsmen. After the excitement ceased, one of the craftsmen asked her why the base pedestal had a door on it, since most grandfather clocks just have a solid base pedestal. Sue replied, “Dad placed that there for Mum’s ashes, but now we think they’ll both go there, to be together forever”. Silence filled the room, and we were all quietly proud that we had the privilege to be part of that job.

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