Jack & Jill Live on a Hill – Part 4 (The Grand Piano is complete!)

We shared with you the progress we made on this complex and delicate restoration…

Jack & Jill had a total disaster on their hands when they first began following up with a tuner that they had engaged who made some extremely poor and unprofessional attempts at repairs to the black ebonised piano body and totally ruined it in the process. In short, he should have stopped at the strings!

Renowned was engaged to restore the body back to as close to original as was possible/practical. We even had direct communications with Rolf Ibach, current director and great grandson of the Ibach company and founder.


And now we are happy to announce that we have finished restoring Jack & Jill’s family heirloom, their 1898 Ibach ¾ grand piano!

Ibach grand piano_NL

Now here’s an excerpt from the spontaneous letter we received from the owners. And remember that this piano has been in this family since its original purchase back in the 1870’s!

Dear Dan,

“The damage to the romanticism attached to this piano is going to take a long time to heal, but I am grateful for the efforts you and your team of master craftsmen have made to at least begin this journey”.

-Jack & Jill