Rhonda’s healing pieces

Update: March 11, 2015

We finally got to deliver Rhonda’s pieces and this is what she told us.

” The furniture looks fantastic, You guys did a wonderful job!

The story behind the stuff is, when I was little I would go in the shed most nights & help dad load bullets or make sinkers.I would even clean his shed, give it a sweep & put things straight. I had always said I loved that cupboard & the 2 chairs. My great grandparents’ stuff. How extraordinary…Thanks for accepting the challenge of doing it up! “


furniture delivery



Update: January 23, 2015

Rhonda’s late father was the last one to do any repairs to this old classic. Now with all the years of paint striped away, you can really appreciate the
lovely carving detail that was done by her grandfather almost 100 years ago.

One of Rhonda's piece with lovely carving

Update: January 21, 2015

Here’s one more piece for the collection being restored for Rhonda.

rhondas pc 2 RF

January 16, 2015

Here’s the first of several pieces we’re doing for Rhonda & her mum. Rhonda lost her dad early last year and the restoration of these pieces is part of the healing.

All originally hand made by her grandfather, these pieces had been repainted several times by her father over the years so now we’ve striped back the layers.

FullSizeRender RF