Fine Furniture: Buy local or buy global?

Support importers or try buying local where possible? It’s important to be fully aware of what you’re buying to be sure your investment is in the product and not in the costs of getting it here. The pictures scattered throughout this Newsletter are of a bed we were asked to work on.

They say copying is the best form of flattery: We know ourselves that we (our designs) have been copied more times than we can recall.

William’s dream:


William came to us with a product that he liked. However,  there were a couple of drawbacks and he requested some guidance. We provided a mix of our design and the concept he gave us to arrive at a compromise. Most importantly, a finished product within 6 weeks rather than something like 6 months.

You see, in these times, importers are taking less risks and only importing consolidated shipments and where possible as much “pre-sold” as they can to minimise their exposure. Funny thing is, our price was comparative to the imported unit anyway.


The other big issue is this: Perhaps too many of us overlook the fact that buying a product from the USA or UK or Italy brings with it a premium price based on our assumptions or perceptions that the quality is of the highest standards, whereas perhaps some of the similar or comparative products sourced from some Asian countries come at a lower price and possibly, or therefore, a lower quality.

This is no longer the case. Much of what we buy from the US, Europe, etc. has been made in SE/Asia, shipped to the country where its design origins rest and then on-shipped to wherever (including Australia), so in many cases, you’re paying for a whole lot of freight and logistics together with a name.(that promises quality) rather than a product “made in Italy” wherever else.


The Asian countries I refer to have vastly lifted their game, their quality standards and in many cases, their treatment of workers as well, so we are inevitably moving towards a global village where Asia (for a start) is cementing itself as one of the major manufacturing hubs within that village. I, personally, see a lot of good coming from this, but I also like to point out to folks that pass through my door, some of the facts discussed here so that if they do wish to consider buying local, they are at the very least, well informed.


Renowned Furniture employ some of the finest master craftsmen in south east Queensland with several years’ experience in all facets of traditional, fine furniture making, French polishing and furniture restoration. Our award winning quality and finish is second to none. Furniture made or restored by Renowned will last a lifetime. (or two!)