BMW E9 Dashboard Restoration

Timber is a wonderful material to incorporate into any design concept.  The look and feel of wood surfaces can be luxurious and add dimension to something that otherwise might be bland.  Car makers realised that real wood in the interior of vehicles was the height of luxury and many high-end makers used it for dashboards and interior trims.  However, age, heat and lack of proper care can cause the material and finish to deteriorate over the years.  Most enthusiasts want a sympathetic restoration of the aged parts rather than replacement, bringing their pride and joy back as close as possible to original condition.  These BMW E9 dashboards and trims were in a bad way when they arrived, showing splits and cracks in not only the veneer surface but swelling of the substrate.

And so Renowned began the long task of repairing many small (and some large) issues to get these back into showroom condition.

Complete and ready to install back in the vehicles.  Don’t they look great!

Fine Furniture Creates Old-World Elegance at Walter’s Steakhouse

We have recently completed a large project for Walter’s Steakhouse, a new iconic restaurant in Brisbane City known for their prime Australian, grain-fed, dry-aged porterhouse beef paired with the best wines.

Dining at Walter’s Steakhouse is an experience like no other — from the food to the service and to the interiors, which radiate an old world charm.

Renowned Furniture was tasked to deliver custom made fine wood furniture, whilst staying true to the theme of the interiors.

This is how this project went from this…

to this…

We were approached by the interior designer and given a specific design brief to quote. A key requirement was the need to ensure the furniture supplied matched the vision of the owners for the restaurant’s interior.

Our experience in design and manufacture of furniture allowed us to supply beautiful but functional restaurant tables, react quickly to changes in design and deadlines, and meet the client’s specific requirements.

Here are some shots of the early stages of the project.

More early pictures…

Stained/polishing stage…

Finished tables delivered to the site…

Dine at Walter’s Steakhouse to enjoy good food, great company and elegant dining furniture handcrafted by our talented master craftsmen.

Arrive early at Walter’s location at “Old Mineral House” 219 Alice St, Brisbane City and enjoy a drink in their warm and enticing bar. See you there!

Our Pieces Proudly Displayed at Sales Office of Planned Private Residential Building

Renowned Furniture stretches it wings just a little more and following our offer for “Product Placement” of some of our display pieces, take a look at this!

We’re even seated alongside a very nice new Jaguar ‘F-Pace’ SUV situated in the sales office of a prestigious new high rise residence development. So clearly, great minds think alike. Situated right alongside Gem’appelle Designs (, where we show some other pieces, it’s clear to see that Bailey Street in West End is about to become a hot spot.

From their website, “London Residences West End” is: “A landmark private residential building that will turn heads in this most sought-after Bailey Street location.”

The pieces they have chosen are:

“The Time” – chrome base, rosewood top and silver ash dress band bar table; “Portseat” – small up-cycled old travelport turned into a small love seat;

“The Box” – solid timber bar stools (Rosewood) 2 pack polished solid core board, “Cairo” – Bar tables: Solid core with Wenge timber veneer & 2 pack polished bright white.

Walking into the sales space for the London Residences West End is an amazing transformation which gives an insight into the quality of the building taking shape alongside.

Renowned Furniture are very proud to have been selected as the provider of some fine furniture pieces for the duration of this exciting sales event, and we wish London Residences West end all the very best with their endeavours.

Follow the succeeding issues of our newsletter for the next recipient of our Product Placement Agreements.

Boardroom buffet piece for Boeing

Well, it would seem that the SEO/SEM marketing campaign we’ve been running (along with our great reputation for quality) are alive and well! We’ve been so proud to be able to work with some of the largest companies in their respective fields globally but every now and then, one comes along that seriously makes a humble little wood shop like ours beam with pride.

A few months ago, we were contacted by Boeing Defence Australia with a request to quote on a boardroom buffet piece to complement their existing décor.

By our standards, not a highly technical piece. (The only unique quality this buffet has is that while it looks like a permanent free standing piece, it actually floats on concealed castors so that it can be relocated very easily.) But when you consider the possibilities of future collaboration with Boeing Defence Australia, the opportunity was taken.

Renowned Furniture successfully completed the job.

Progress shot – at our workshop

On-siter Installation

Close-up shots of the boardroom buffet

Custom made boardroom buffet piece

The finished product

A prominent Italian restaurant

“Buon appetite!”

There are more than 100 of these bentwood chairs that have seen a lot of life in an Italian restaurant here in the Brisbane city. One by one, they’re being lovingly restored to perhaps better than their former glory. The team at the restaurant is over the moon with the results so far – 30 done, 85 to go!


Special veneer layout

A holy piece for a holy place! And a very impressed client. Putting together a massive new project the comments were something like: “why can’t all the trades we’re dealing with be like you guys!”

Custom made Altar

Custom made Altar

The Church altar cupboard is complete

The church altar cabinet is complete. The budget was tight and the client wanted some kind of special effect on a tight budget. So we laid up the timber veneer manually in 3 differing directions to try and give some creative difference!

Custom made Cupboard

Custom made Cupboard


Architect Designed Plywood Seating & Tables – Update

The University of Queensland School of Architecture were so impressed with the first delivery of tables and bench seats for one of their student common areas that they went for a second round.


The bench seats have a double use!

They can be inverted onto the top of the tables to act as picture displays as well! Pretty clever we thought!


Custom made Tables and Seats

What a great school to work with, thanks to all the folks in admin there at UQ’s School of Architecture.


And in this throw away world we live in, we found it hard to discard the off-cuts from this project so we had a bit of fun joining some of them together to make interesting shapes!

We’re now sending them all back to the University of Queensland School of Architecture to see if the students can come up with something even more interesting!


And we got this message from UQ:

Hey mate thanks for the offcuts the kids will definitely make something weird and wonderful with them. Thanks again for your hard work look forward to catching up again soon.”

Let’s see what creative pieces the students can come up with using the off-cuts.


Please take a look at their Facebook page for updates on events, projects and more.