The Vawdrey Group Project

The Vawdrey reception desk is complete!

The Vawdrey group makes trailers for big road haulage trucks. They’re building a flash new Queensland office, and what we did for them is a “Make one like this, please” project.

The reception desk at their Sydney office


We think the client will be impressed with our little extras in craftsmanship and finishes. Renowned Furniture have been getting pulled into the commercial space of fine furniture making and supply over the past few years and we feel that the clients are seeing the benefits of dealing with a supplier willing to flex to their specific requirements.


Well, the boys are “head’s down, backs straight! Getting through this commissioning job for Vawdrey!


What a great show piece for the many visitors as they arrive in Vawdrey’s flash new facility.


The fronts, curved section moulded out of several layers of bonded bending plywood and then overlaid with a New Guinea Rosewood timber veneer. The silver blades (made to look a little like the structural ribs that make up a semi-trailer frame) are constructed from solid core mdf and 2 pack painted using automotive paint, there are stainless steel boss stand-offs supporting 10 mm thick custom toughened glass for the floating tops. The work tops are solid core veneer done in American oak.



The Station at Southport

Our clients, Co Spaces & IEDM, have developed this building over time, resurrecting it from oblivion some years ago. The building has been slowly morphed into a 21st century multi-purpose facility with state of the art technology throughout.

Over the past few years, Renowned has been fortunate enough to be involved with a couple of turnkey fit outs. As a smaller company, our ability to flex and work with groups such as the guys from Co-Spaces & IEDM makes us quite unique. We all worked together and learned from each other. We collectively designed furniture to suit each space – from the co sharing floors occupied by the guys from the V8 Supercar group to individual desks to boardrooms and directors offices.

As the building appeared in the 1980’s before restoration.

IMG_4047 (1)

The earliest picture we can find of the building in its former glory as the original Southport ambulance station. Circa 1920’s.


This is the building today, now restored and repurposed. It now houses coffee shops, shared office spaces, meeting rooms and the latest use, as well as a place for private intimate music meets.

restored bldg

Inside the new shell with some of the shared office spaces all furnished by Renowned Furniture.


front low res_RL



I recently attended a function where famous Aussie rocker, Russell Morris, played for a crowd of just 40 people! Meeting the 70’s/80’s 90’s and today’s legend was a real treat, feet on the ground and still pumping out new stuff.

Here is Russell doing his stuff! The building was a perfect venue for this inaugural event. I hope to be invited to more of those!!



Office furniture

Here’s the finished product of Janet’s boss’ office furniture. 30 years old and of the finest quality of the time. So why replace when you can refurbish.

janet's boss office desk

New polish, new leather, new life.


Mary & Peter could not find a couch or suite suitable for their very small space where they run a portrait photography studio. The ottoman idea that we proffered was a big hit because of its flexibility and modular nature. These are commercial grade ottomans that will last for many years. Some companies actually have their corporate logos and names embroidered on them as well.


Natalie’s practice

Natalie was over the moon with her purchase of the ‘woodpecker’ range of shelving that she found on our website showroom. Natalie runs a psychology practice in Brisbane and was very particular about the type of décor. She worked with one of our craftsmen and had the range of shelves altered to suit her requirements. At the time, we were a little concerned that the alterations may be out of scale but we feel that Natalie’s vision was spot on.

IMG_5189 RF

The timber for the shelves was locally grown Maple (right here in a neighbouring suburb called Salisbury) back in the 1980’s.

IMG_5335 RF

They were felled to make way for a housing estate and Renowned Furniture, a local furniture making identity were approached to see if they were interested in saving any of the timber, so here we are now turning it into fine furniture 35 years later .

photo RF

Now the range takes pride of place in Natalie’s new rooms and is both stunning with a look of strength and form but also very useful and practical.
In Natalie’s words: “ Thanks for the beautiful shelves. I love them.”

collage RF

Natalie was also happy for us to link the story to her FB page Bulimba Psychology and said that she intended mentioning us on her page as well.

Craig’s cool new office desk

In the words of U2: “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.

Craig came to us with a common story:

“I simply cannot find what I’m looking for.”

Craig has started a progressive HR consulting company and wanted his furniture to start to reflect his business model. After several discussions and with Craig’s input, a collective design was agreed to.

4 weeks later, Craig, his wife and colleagues were certainly struck by the “wow factor” and were definitely lining up for more pieces.

craigs collage3

So… in the words of The Manic street preachers: “I think I’ve found it”

Steel Storage Australia office fitout

The team at Steel storage Australia were looking for a fresh new set of ideas for their new complex fit out on the Gold Coast.

collage1 logo3

officefitout collage2

Renowned were contacted through our web site and we sat down with their designers and ours to arrive at the suite of furniture you see here.

The latest in ‘AA’ grade birch ply, some clever timber wrapping and joinery and “Hey presto!”
There are left hand and a right hand, kidney shaped desks with round touch-open drawers seated in a charcoal laminex wrapped pedestals,

a large sharedesk (hot desk) made from 32 mm thick birch ply on a fabricated round steel frame powder coated in the same colour as the round desk pedestals forvisitors to the “self-storage facility” and corner managers desk made out of 25 mm Birch ply.

There is also a matching printer/photocopier cupboard with charcoal doors and birch ply divider and top.

collage3 with pineapple

All delivered and installed on time, in budget. 🙂

The Invisible Shelf

See how it works, imagine a whole wall full of them!
Defying gravity! Floating books…..